Nogizaka FOD Original Drama, Hori Wants Action

Nogizaka46's original drama of Fuji Television's video distribution service Fukuoka [27], Hinako Kitano [23] Miona Hori [23] Yuki Yoda [19] and Shiori Kubo [18] appearing in Tokyo on the 25th Attended the production presentation of "Nogizaka Cinemas STORY OF 46".

There are 10 omnibus-style works, with one of the members starring in each work. On this day, the first work will be distributed, and the latest work will be distributed every Tuesday at midnight.

Matsumura greeted, "We were able to distribute it on the day of Christmas and hope it would be a present for everyone."

Hori, who challenged the action, said, "I did the long-awaited action. I did a full-fledged fight and did an action using wires. I was longing for a strong woman, It's a bit like that, and I've become more passionate about the action. It's completely different from my previous image. "

Kubo, who played the role of an android, said that he filmed in Kyushu in the summer, and that it was hard to avoid sweating. Kitano introduced that she played a smart science girl, and said she worked hard to hide stupid characters, and Yoda publicized that she wanted to pay attention to the ad-lib liberation scene.

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