Nogizaka Midsummer Akimoto "See every corner" Photobook release commemorative distribution

Nogizaka46's captain Manatsu Akimoto [26] delivered a commemorative release of the second photo book “Happiness to Want” [Takeshobo], released on the 8th, on the video distribution app SHOWROOM on the 8th.

In light of the spread of the new coronavirus infection, it is difficult to hold a release commemorative conference, but a “simulated press conference” is held in the form of answering questions from fans in the distribution. "I don't usually get praise from the members, but this photo book was very praised, so I'm confident that I have 1 million points!"

When asked by the members, he said, "[Saito] Asuka-chan really took a serious look. [Ozono] Momoko was very grateful for her praise for being" cute! "

Although many fans stay at home, Akimoto says, "I think there are some people who have time at home now. If you have a photo book, you can get one photo a day at a time, from corner to corner. I would like you to look at the photos and look at the next page the next day to have more fun. "

The photo book was taken in Italy and Taketomi-jima, Okinawa last fall, immediately after becoming the second captain of Nogizaka46. It captures various expressions, such as cuteness shots and cuts that show off specialty dishes.

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