Nogizaka record large V3 missed but also positive か Will this year continue uphill

The presentation of the 61st Japan Record Awards was held on December 30, and the 5-member elementary and junior high school student unit Foorin won the first award for "Paprika". Nogizaka46 missed the third consecutive grand prize in the women's group for the first time, but at the same time set new goals for further climbing the slopes in 2020.

Nogizaka 46 was formed in August 2011 and won the record award for the first time in "Influencer" in 2017. In 2018, he achieved two consecutive victories in Synchronicity. He is the most popular idol group in the NHK Red and White Singing Battle for five consecutive years.

According to music officials, there have been calls for Nogizaka46's "Sing @ Out!" And AKB48's "Sustainable" to win grand prizes, even more than CD sales. In fact, at Nogizaka46's "Sing @ Out!", The center performed a flexible dance with Asuka Saito [21] at the center, and everyone, including the audience at the venue, showed a strong presence by clapping their hands.

However, “Paprika,” a dance that was easy to remember and cute, was played at elementary school presentations and athletic meet, and was loved by young and old. There was a high degree of recognition, and it was decided to be a grand prize.

Nogizaka46 has many impressive songs, including "Your Name is Hope", which was sung during the first appearance in 2015. However, members have long said that they want to produce hit songs that can be sung by all the people. For a group that has become a top idol, it can be said to be the ultimate and ultimate theme.

According to officials, 46 Nogizaka46 members were positive about the results of this record grand prize, saying, "Despite the frustration that they missed the grand prize," he said, "I wanted to do my best next year next year."

Even after missing his first appearance in 2014, he showed his undisputed success in the next 15 years and unanimously made his first appearance. "I don't think I've ever been able to get out of that group once, so I think the group has united and has grown more," said one member.

The situation is different from that time, but the same may be said of the record award. In 2020, he released a hit song without complaint and returned to the record award again. The scenery on the uphill is clear.

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