Nogizaka Saito Asuka, Cream Ueda's image is Yuba

Nogizaka 46 Asuka Saito [21] made a guest appearance on Nippon Television's TV series "Stylish Ism @ Spring Beauty 60 Minutes SP!" When asked about the image of personality Creamy Chu Shinya Ueda [49], there was an act that answered "Yuba" and invited a laugh.

Mori Izumi of personality asked me about Ueda's image, and Ueda urged me to feel free. After saying "Is it really good?", He answered "Um, Yuba". He laughed Naoto Fujiki [47] and Mori et al.

Fujiki said, "New! Isn't it the first time?" And Mori applauded, "Wow!" Ueda, laughing with his belly, said, "I've lived for almost 50 years and haven't been told that it's Yuba. Nothing, but it's just like "I got a good story!" " Saito was also laughing, "Please, please."

Saito is active as an ace for Nogizaka46. Although it has a small face and looks nice, the tongue to show off sometimes is also popular with fans.

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