Nogizaka Yamashita Mizuki "Looking while delusion" The first photo book is ∞ point

Nogizaka46 Mizuki Yamashita [20] attended the commemorative commemorative party for the first photo book "The Unforgettable People" [Shogakukan] at Tokyo HMV & BOOKS @ SHIBUYA on the 21st.

The photo book was shot in Paris last October. I visited gorgeous city areas, parks and amusement parks. At the floating hotel floating on the Seine River, I took my first swimsuit shoot. It records many of the first challenges in life, such as shots in the bathroom and lingerie. When asked, "What was your style of lingerie?" He asked, "Would you say in such a public place?" "I wore something I wouldn't normally wear on my own," she said with a smile.

When asked about the quality of the photo album, he said, "The question that came! I checked all the scores that the seniors of Nogizaka 46 had talked about five minutes ago. "It is infinite [∞] because of infinite love!" "I want you to take a look at this photo book while you are paranoid. You might think of me as a girl, you might think you're a girl friend. I think the scores vary from person to person, and there are endless possibilities. That's the point. "

Nogizaka46, Keyakizaka46, and Hyugazaka46, the first photo book of the “ Sakamichi '' group members, started with 140,000 copies of the first edition, which is the largest number in the past, and 10,000 copies were reprinted before the release to a total of 150,000 copies I have. "When I heard it, I thought, what is going on in this world !? I can confidently deliver this book, so I'm happy to see it for many people." It is.

Regarding Mai Shiraishi [27], who graduated from Nogizaka 46 with the 25th single released on March 25, "I am strong, gentle and warm senior. I noticed the best even when I was sick. It's a big presence. " When asked what he had learned especially from Shiraishi, he replied, "Is it professional? I don't whine, don't cry, I'm always beautiful." When asked, "What is Shiraishi's next ace?", He said humbly, "No, no, no. If you look at this photo book, you can see that there are also such members in the third gen members of Nogizaka 46." did.

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