Nogizaka Yamazaki, Reina

Nogizaka46 Reina Yamazaki [22] will make a guest appearance on TV TOKYO variety special program “Risk Management in Edo-What's Ready!

Rakugoya Hayashiya Taihei [55] serves as MC, and introduces fire and earthquake countermeasures in the Edo era and prepares for a “what if” situation. "What are the conditions required for" fire extinguishing? "," What is the surprising media that told the Edo children about the damage of the earthquake? " The system is also introduced.

Yamazaki is an active Keio student and known as Nogizaka's history lover. "I was originally interested in taking lectures on seismology and disaster prevention education at a university, but it was fresh to learn disaster countermeasures from the history of Japan." Through the program, he realized again the importance of preparation, saying, “ By learning from the past what was happening in Japan at the time and fostering a new awareness of disaster prevention, one day I will surely make myself and important people I think we can protect it. "

In addition to MC Taitaira and Yamazaki, the guest also features Takahiro Higashi [50] as a guest. In addition, Hiromi Hasegawa [42], who will star the program in the NHK taiga drama "Kirin ga Kuru", will color the program. Producer Takeshi Masuda, the producer of the program, said, “Mr. Yamada, who was dignified without being embarrassed even if surrounded by a great senior named Taihei Hayashiya, Mr. Higashi MAX, a stunning“ history woman ”than I heard with rumors He was the hero of 2020 and Taiga's protagonist, Hiromi Hasegawa also appeared as a narrator! . "A little luxurious disaster prevention variety, suitable for decorating the New Year and what kind of thought people in the era called 'Fire and fighting are Edo flowers', please look forward to it!" Has commented.

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