Nomura Real Estate, a community-based commercial facilities, a new brand of”social control”deployment of the 1st Shop Inagi to

Nomura Real Estate commercial of the new brand”SOCOLA[source code]”a nationwide. Emerging residential area, and enhance community-based facilities,the 1st Shop is 3 month,, Inagi City, Tokyo Pref., Japan 坂浜 in the open, the No. 2 store is 4 months, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama 箕輪町 appeared.

【Here】Yodobashi’s new commercial”link down down”,opened from 10-day visitors at the 500 million users

Source is”right there in the community”to the aggregation term,emerging residential area, residents can visit the commercial facilities in the company. Godzilla was kinda cute, but I felt like the image character of the”where the Wild Things Are source code”to the front stand,advertising and promotional activities to promote.

No. 1 stores the software program on the periphery. Inagi 小田良 land readjustment project site the site of approximately 9,500 square meters built,steel framed 3 floors extending in all to approximately 1 million and 6,000 square meters of facilities, including the Keio Sagamihara line of 若葉台駅 walk from 15 minute.

The supermarket”the”, and of”business drag”,the amusement center of”the program”,fitness club”curve style”,fashion,”Uniqlo”such as retail, restaurant, service a total of 18 stores enters the. In the vicinity of Nomura Real Estate Development for 345 units of housing estates near sale to begin, such as future population growth is expected in the region, only to Nomura Real Estate area for the convenience of residents in the improvement of a residential area to raise the brand value and expect.

No. 2 store, is a software program Hiyoshi. The development of large-scale multi-functional facilities,”the Cloud City Hiyoshi”provided in the plans. Reinforced concrete and some steel framed 3 floors, a total floor area of approximately 2,400 square meters. Convenience store”Lawson”,Italian restaurant”Italian food restaurant.”, organic Super”Service Center Bonn”, such as 9 stores to the tenants decide.

Nomura Real Estate this summer, Tokyo Koganei-Shi,2021 spring, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo in the code to open the plan, the residential area of community-based commercial facilities as established in the figure or idea. [Article: Takada, Yasushi・The article list to look at]

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