Nomura Securities and”Nomura warship building”is coming around a corner and the future whereabouts of

My book debut”Nomura Securities・corporate portion”[in 1984]was. The 70’s from the late,Nihonbashi Nomura building [its modalities, from the AKA:the warship building was called]to the foot was frequently was.

Warship building in 1930 安井武雄 Mr design at Obayashi Corporation in the hands of a more completed. Nomura Securities birthplace:Osaka from Tokyo moved into, the depot Museum was built as. After the war, the General headquarters of the Allied powers [GHQ] requisitioned”Riverview Hotel”and it was their first time also. The US military and their families of the hotel was used as well.

Those days of rough seas in dive’s”warship building”is now at a major crossroads ushered in.

Marketing in the beginning of the 2000s, Chuo-ku, it was a proposal. “Nihonbashi 1-chome redevelopment project”in. Gimmicks people are Mitsui Fudosan and Nomura Real Estate. Finally, Tokyo/Chuo-ku, Tokyo is a redevelopment project leading to the”Nihonbashi 1-chome district during the Urban Redevelopment Union”establishment of the authorization is 18 years 12 months 14 days. The plan summary is as follows.

★Planning area: designated as a National important cultural property”the Nihonbashi Bridge[stone 2 take 高欄 with arch bridge]”from the Southeast, about 3 hectares.
★Building[1]: office and hotel into the ground 49 ground floor・underground 5-storey skyscraper[height of about 287m].
★Building[2]: the historic buildings of Nomura Securities global head office in Nihonbashi its appearance of leave the,low-rise building 2 buildings.
★20 years of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics after the start of construction,25 year of completion.
★Total project cost,approximately 3167 billion yen.

18 years and 7 months on the Metropolitan Expressway underground plan also determined. Warship building nestling on the form of the”unromantic”your route will disappear. The plan is to steadily proceed with the redevelopment of the range of the time,in Nihonbashi, is the Blue Sky back. Nihonbashi River, the water spaces of the development is also planned.

Out of the warship building is how to alteration to. My foot was frequently around the time of Nomura Securities and Nomura Securities centered on Nomura Holdings [HD], I dare say that”alien”feeling is strong. Convey information of the most,run the risk of doing the same; be prepared in I if”大本営発表”.

But the mouth of the people to the door is built in…… Nomura Securities Co., Ltd., head office functions,urban net Otemachi building[Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo], and is already being transferred. It is only in the warship building of the”redevelopment plan”after you.

Before 19 years, 3 months,Nomura Holdings, is the 10-year final deficit [about 1004 billion yen]was. And the environment”opaque”citing the current plan also”undecided”is stood up. Nomura Holdings, the”deficit”of securities in the muscle is the 2 angle of From explained.

The hall “sales slump”-Lehman in the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers in the European sector of the acquisition. High wages to pay, the surplus cannot be. The so-called its[value and forecasts made in the investment], and impairment[recovery can not be determined at the time of performing the fixed asset decrease accounting]as the extraordinary losses recorded.

“Domestic sales division of policy change”-“customer supremacy”of the group,”rotation trading ban””Norma”and the abolition resolution. It’s accompanied by a surplus of compression.

This disclosure only of 4-12 year on year in the wholesale division, mainly in Asia on a recovery trend. Revenue also back into. But,for companies that report cards also in stock,IFIS target average calculation was involved in the analyst of the of 9 8 the person is a neutral/1 who is bearish and”still,the direction is not clear”situation.

Warship building in parallel with”Nomura Holdings”, is also turning themselves to. [Article: Chiba Ming・The article list to look at]

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