Non-supporting torch relay in Amachan stage Iwate

Actress [26] was appointed as a runner running in Iwate Prefecture at the Torch Relay of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics [Olympics]. The prefecture announced on the 17th.

Non said, "I want to run well so that Iwate can be spread when it is nice." Even on the official Twitter, in the name of “Non Staff”, “I was chosen as the Iwate Torch Runner for the 2020 Olympics! Thank you for your support.”

Non is from Hyogo Prefecture, but in 1313, when the name was renamed Nona Rena, played the hero in the NHK TV series “Amachan” set on the same prefecture that was also affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. He is also currently serving as "President of the Junjo Production Center".

The Iwate Torch Relay will last three days from June 17-19 next year. Leaving Shizukuishi-cho in the west, the celebration was held in Kuji City on the first day, Rikuzentakata City on the second day, and Morioka City on the third day. The “Reconstruction Prayer Park” in Rikuzentakata City, where the miracle of the miracle that became the symbol of reconstruction, stands, along the restored Sanriku Railway Rias Line. You might be able to see Ama-chan's Ama costume changing to a torch-runner uniform and running along the coastline.

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