Nonsta Ishida manager Piriri … The first guest that Chihara brothers

Comedy combination, Akira Ishida [39] of NON STYLE, after the reluctance of the dark business problem, Ryo Tamura [47] of London Boots No. 1 and No. 2 with no return medals was a regular appearance of Kantel "Okabero" He assumed the post of “Second-generation store manager” and looked back on his first recording, “I was quick.”

Ishida updated the blog on the 7th and reported that "I was appointed as the second store manager of Kansai TV" Okabero "." “I think I should be able to put out my own personality while maintaining the unique looseness of the program so that the first store manager can be convinced,” he said. Mr. Chihara Jr. with NG theory co-starring with Mr. Okamura, and Mr. Seiji Chihara, the problem child, no, but I laughed.

The program was set in a dining bar near a TV station, with Takashi Okamura [49] and Tamura, who was the store manager, facilitating talks with guests. Tamura will appear as the “store manager” and Ishida will appear as the “second store manager”.

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