Nori Tsukudani in seafood noodles!? “Noriuma Seafood” that reproduces the topic of eating on SNS is actually eaten! | AppBank

Last month, I was reviewing the Nissin Cup Noodle's summer limited edition "Red Seafood Noodles", but again, a new product appeared in Seafood Noodles. It's a product that you can enjoy by adding "Nori Tsukudani" to that soup with seafood flavor! I'm interested again!

There was such an arrangement…

The product name is "Cup Noodle Nori Uma Seafood Big" 220 yen (excluding tax). It has been sold nationwide since August 3.

The word "It's so delicious with seaweed" on the package is really impressive, but it's an arrangement that has been talked about on SNS for a long time, and even introduced on TV programs. It is said that the delicious soup of seafood and the scent of seaweed are well received. The author first learned about this time, but there was such a way to eat. Certainly, the combination of seafood and seaweed is a staple in ramen and sushi, and it's an ant collaboration that makes me wonder why I haven't noticed it until now.

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