Noriyuki Higashiyama “Criminal 7” Season 6 Episode 2 11.6%

According to a video research on the 13th, the average audience rating of the second episode on the 12th of the TV Asahi drama "Criminal 7" [Wednesday 9pm] starring Noriyuki Higashiyama was 11.6% [Kanto area]. I understand.

The initial start was a good start with 13.5%.

A popular detective drama where individual detectives try to solve difficult cases centered on Yu Amagi played by Higashiyama. Season 1 started in 2015, and season 6 has reached this year.

The third kidnapping case occurred while the kidnapping of Shinichiro Takagi's secret child, former chairman of the Board of Education, and Takayuki Kobayashi's grandson was not resolved. This time, the grandson of Koji Kinoshita, a university professor who was in charge of psychological evaluation of victims of murder in the past, is kidnapped. At this time, there were no inexplicable numbers left with white paint like the previous two.

On the other hand, Shuntaro Domoto [Kinya Kitaoji], a forensic professor who worked on the anatomy of the murdered Kobayashi, discovered black paper in a plastic container in his stomach. The number is written on the paper with a white pen, and Amagi Yu [Higashiyama] of the dedicated investigation team and others wonder if this number was a warning notice.

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