"Normal appearance, crisp inside." Docking four independent throttles to the FJ20 DOHC engine! DR30 Skyline RS 1

The custom plan had been decided since we got the fourth. "It looks normal and the content is crispy." The concept was even more interesting, as it was based on a 4-door. This customization of DR30 started with Mr. Hisamatsu, a friendly mechanic that Mr. Hattori calls “chief physician”. The installed FJ20 is equipped with an independent throttle to improve response.

The white meter on the instrument panel is an Omori tachometer replaced with a genuine one. Oil temperature, oil pressure and water temperature meters have been added to the center console in triplicate.

Along with this, it has been changed to control the engine with F-Con V Pro. In addition, tune each part so that you can run comfortably, such as increasing the displacement and using direct ignition.

The shift knob is impulse and the steering wheel is Nismo and Nissan.

The mission was replaced with a 6-speed MT, which was mounted on the spec R of the S15 Silvia. The length of the mission did not fit well, but the propeller shaft was packed.

The front seat is Recaro's LS. A choice full of tastes from the 1980s that matches the car model. This seat is usually used for riding, but it is replaced with a full bucket type when driving on a circuit.

The four-door DR30, which is equipped with an exhaust system equipped with octopus feet and a stainless steel muffler and can run comfortably with an NA engine, has been completed here.

Rear seats are replaced with genuine red ones. The body reinforcement such as roll bar is not dared.

Published: Nostalgic Speed ​​July 2013 @ Vol.001 [All contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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