North Korea, ICBM・SLBM to use solid fuel experiments from Japan’s nuclear threat is a reality with increased (1/3)

North Korea is intensifying for. ICBM,SLBM involved in the technical progress there. This time in a political sense, not the”nuclear strategy”involved in the technical aspects only.

【Here】North Korea SLBM launchers from the military industry and the automotive industry is the relationship? (1/2)

Because of”technological advances”in society have been changing this is obvious, but especially SNS, and the spread of society’s values, changing industries, changing our familiar”automotive”world of the whole change most of the change in how they heed it not at so.

These changes in the”4th Industrial Revolution”is about, but about the contents of the image not the reality. Therefore, the threat of war are realities that are imminent in the current nuclear weapons technology, thinking about technology for Social Change end is not necessarily peace and happiness is not to think. SNS brings convenience, but also from the social ruin of the means that might recognize you need to do.

■Nuclear strategy

Currently, about nuclear weapons technology level will soon”space war”that will come. However, the current nuclear strategy, the submarine-launched missile, or SLBM made. 30 years ago,effective nuclear weapons are ICBMS in SLBM has shifted to.

Currently, the Russian sea of Okhotsk to the SLBM-equipped nuclear submarines migratory being. China is the South China Sea it is a reason,a submarine excursion to the waters I want from you. Connect to the Japan Trench in the South China Sea over the sea and it doesn’t hold, China’s nuclear strategy is not complete yet.

And America is the world of the sea somewhere in the SLBM-equipped nuclear submarines around, and nuke if you receive any retaliation can be a system to have. This American world hegemony would be. To understand this, North Korea to develop ICBMS to the United States as threat to to know.

History back during the Cold War, technology advances have ICBMS to American country to have deployed at the time of the first shot by the American ICBM wiped out the danger arises when one or. For rock mass of underground silos to store all,1 million kilometers, flying at a few meters of accuracy in accuracy from Soviet ICBMS by,to fight back the American ICBM defense can not. The mountain Hollow, underground tunnels to move,where from, the outlet exactly hit you on the accuracy on the For Meaning was not. (Article: kenzoogata・The article list to look at)

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