North Korea, ICBM・SLBM to use solid fuel experiments from Japan’s nuclear threat is a reality with increased (3/3)

■North Korea’s missile technology

This global level of technology in North Korea ICBM development, and that of most liquid fuels from solid fuels to be successful seems. North Korea is now nuclear-powered submarine have submarine-launched missiles,SLBM and carrying it underwater firing from a submarine built by. Technically the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force tracking is possible in the range that,first strike is can and to Japan, and even troublesome to make.

【Previous】North Korea, ICBM・SLBM to use solid fuel experiments from Japan’s nuclear threat is a reality with increased (2/3)

North Korea,underground silos such as in a mobile vehicle in the missile on the forest, such as move, and the presence of instantaneous to grasp this and eyeing. However, the fire before the liquid fuel is injected, the satellite, such as in American side to capture them,to fire before being destroyed once thought.

Therefore, the solid fuel rocket engine development was pursued. Solid fuel missiles piled up and can for fire, before the risk of being found dramatically eyeing.

Amount of time most of North Korea’s technological progress, obvious,short-range missiles and even projectiles experiment to be missed, it’s just the threat that you increase that. Trump the US President and the leaders direct the discussion, its background can not be resolved,and they can be seen.

Thus, North Korea’s nuclear weapons is a practical level you can say. Thus while North Korea is firing intervals that shrinks such as the technology level to the courts, and political voice have to say. Trump for President is the technology level of progress and the political judgment of the relationship between future Japan is a dangerous state that is growing and say.

Also, China is a universe of war is preparing, and to this day the book of Defense, the secure retaliatory force”as a SLBM-equipped nuclear submarine”held by some.

In the future, Star Wars begins, it is only a matter of time before the universe, nuclear weapons have been deployed in a danger to them. The advancement of technology, not necessarily human happiness is tied not to recognize it. Genomic analysis and social media also come as a downside of the greater good to think of humanity is necessary. It is”global warming”issue if you think you know that. (Article: kenzoogata・The article list to look at)

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