Northeastern US air pollution decline significantly, new Corona infected by the expansion of economic stagnation cause?

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Satellite by atmospheric nitrogen dioxide concentration observation data from the northeastern U.S. the major cities in the vicinity of air pollution can significantly improve the filled with[NASA,AXIS,Slashdot].

This data from NASA’s Aura satellite with the ozone monitoring equipment by the observed in this area in 2020 year and 3 months of nitrogen dioxide concentration in 2005 is the lowest recorded. In addition, Washington DC from Boston of along Interstate 95 in from 2015 to 2019 of 3 month average compared with about 30 percent lower than that.

Air pollution, improvement of coronavirus by 新型肺炎[COVID-19]infection by expanding lock-down and to stay at home is if this is the reason why we think that. This kind of air pollution improvement in other areas of the world has also been observed that like.

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