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Not affected by life events! Career plan for women No.6 Thinking about women's life work balance-To envision future "walls"

Last timeHow was the “Considering an ideal way of working with a view to post corona” that I mentioned in my column? Let's look back at your career, skills, and ideal way of working that you have faced in the steps so far.

This time we will consider the final chapter of this series of topics, "Walls that may come in the future."

  • Thinking about women's life-work balance-to anticipate future "walls"


Define your own axis

Perhaps many people who worked from home were the mainstay of Corona's disaster. Under these circumstances, it may be a little difficult to keep an eye on future life events. But what if you think about how you can continue your current career and work style in the future?

Currently, the average age of first birth is 30.7 years.

Born in the early Heisei period (1989-1995), the millennial generation is beginning to become parents.

Due to the progress of late marriage, the number of births in their 30s, which is their prime work, is increasing, which is also the “time when the scope of responsibility overlaps” such as career promotion. The timing of career advancement for both husband and wife will often overlap.

In addition to raising children, there are a variety of turning points due to life events such as husband's transfer and family care. Therefore, let's sort out your values ​​that cannot be surrendered and those that can be compromised on various axes, such as parenting, housework, and work.

For example, in my case, I would like to continue my career without saving work even after giving birth, and at the same time, in the future childcare period, I will behave flexibly according to the growth of the child. I also wanted to be able to have a margin of mind. To realize this, we needed an environment that was time and place agnostic, so we moved to the DINKS era. In addition, there are dreams that I want to fulfill even in my private life, so in order to fulfill those dreams, I have decided what cannot be given and what is not.

In this way, if you set the axis for both work and private, you will be able to make appropriate choices and take appropriate actions.

Thinking about the future

Next, I'll organize for the future.

For example, when considering a career centered on “balancing childcare,” your lifestyle will change every few years as your child grows.

Example) 5 years future chronology

2020: 38 years old, 36 years old, 5 years old, 3 years old
2022 ★Entered eldest elementary school
2024 ★ Entered eldest son elementary school
2025, 43 years old, 41 years old, 10 years old daughter, 8 years old son

Even if you write it down every year like this, the environment will change with the growth of your child even for just five years. Even if you can't imagine 10 years from now, there are things that you can imagine like this if you are 5 years from now.

It's a good idea to write out a simple future chronology like this to visualize how many years later your child will go to elementary school and what kind of life events the whole family will have. Also, considering the age of one's parents, it may be necessary to consider nursing care.

At such a life event, let's think about how the “things that cannot be handed over” that were organized above can be continued.

It doesn't have to be perfect. Somehow, making an image is the first step. For this future chronology, please write it down by yourself, as well as yourself, if you have a partner.

In this series of themes, I have introduced five things that career women should consider. As women continue their careers, we may be able to prepare and avoid them by noticing after hitting a wall but thinking about that “wall” in advance. We hope that you will be able to notice or hint at something even a little.

Author profile: Shoko Shiga

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