Not affiliated with TKO Kinoshita's business alliance "Once Upon a Blank"

Genie Tsutsumi [34], a representative of "GENIE'S ENTERTAINMENT" who announced a business tie-up with TKO Kinoshita [48], a comedian who left Shochiku Performing Arts, and TKO, announced a business tie-up with a blog on the night of the night of the 17th. I decided to withdraw.

Genie Tsutsumi explained that it would be one of Kinoshita's sales contacts, not that he would be a talented member of Vintage 1 who runs "GENIE'S-".

In addition, “ My blog article that easily thought that the intention was conveyed in the word business alliance was reported, and it was reported that Mr. Kinoshita was as a talent of our company, and as a result, Mr. Kinoshita We have caused a great deal of inconvenience to everyone involved, including Shochiku Geino, and I would like to apologize again here. I would like to once again withdraw the business alliance with Mr. Kinoshita. " Noted.

On the previous day's blog, along with the report of the business alliance, the issue of power harassment that was reported in part last year was "I am examining the details and facts of various news articles from the mouth of myself and repeatedly examining the future. At the end of March, the beginning of April at the latest. "

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