Not just small! The capsule toy of "Black Beard Crisis One Shot" can fly Black Beard properly!

Four years ago. At the time of April 2016, I [Sato] thought that the capsule toy industry was over. BecauseUltra elaborate "Uko"Because it has been sold. I think this is the end of everything. After doing this, there will be no more products that will have a higher impact. I thought that the capsule toy was over.

But however!の 間 に In the last few months, a new trend is coming. At the end of last year"NTT East Public Phone"Has the industry revived since the launch of the toy?素 晴 ら し い Under such circumstances, a wonderful product appeared again. It is introduced this time"One blackbeard crisis"It is. This product, reproduced in palm size, is quite good!

・ 200 yen each, 6 types

This product was released by Takara Tomy Arts in January 2020. Actually, this is the second installment. I didn't know that there was the first one.

This type of product usually costs 300 yen, but one black beard costs 200 yen. It is conscientious pricing. I bought three for trial.

By the way, there are six kinds of products sold, including the current version of “Black Beard Crisis One Shot [2011-]”, “Black Beard Crisis One Shot Gold Sword” [2000], and “Red Beard Crisis One Shot” [2002]. Has become.

・ You can play properly!

There is almost no assembling effort. Just put down the sword and stick the sticker.But! I'm tired of the work for me with presbyopia. It's hard to see at hand !!Got reading glassesSo I was able to work smoothly by attaching it. Reading glasses are the best!

In addition to the current version of Blackbeard, the three purchased are three types: Blackbeard Crisis 100 [2009] and Walbeard Crisis One [2015]. A good miniature version. It might be cute to buy some and decorate them.

It works of course not only as an object but also as a game. It's a miniature but it has a good flight distance. When I skip the black beard …

flied! Estimated height more than 30 cm! ッ Power that is enough to play!

Anyway, I can't despise recent capsule toys. Some are not only small, but also have modest yet satisfying features. Well, from this despair, I have recovered well. It's no exaggeration to say that the capsule toy industry has revived from the depths of death. I look forward to further development in the future. AndLet's forget this nightmare soon!

Source:Takara Tomy Arts

Report:Hidenori Sato

Photo: Rocketnews24

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