Not knowing the difference between "backup" and "archive" may lead to a big problem


Not knowing the difference between "backup" and "archive" may lead to a big problem

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If you want to back up data that you don't want to lose, you won't lose it even if your PC breaks down. In addition, as a concept similar to backup, save important recordsarchiveThe concept is that they both store data in the same way, but there are clear differences between IT consultants.W. Curtis PrestonHe says.

Backup vs. archive: Why it ’s important to know the difference | Network World

A backup means making a copy of your data so that you can restore it if data is lost, and your original data is not deleted. An example of backup is a function that automatically copies data to a server at night, when a PC or smartphone is not used.

The backup is defined by whether it is intended to "can restore data when something happens". For example,RAID6Or three of the HDDs with theHyper-VAndAmazon EC2If the settings have disappeared, or if all files have been encrypted by ransomware, restore the data from the backup and restoreRansomwareOr the source of the intrusion.

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Archiving refers to making a copy of the data for later reference, while backup is intended to restore the data, and the original data is often deleted. It is stated that the primary purpose of the archive is to make it easier to search a collection of data, such as contracts, customer signatures, and demolished building designs.

There is more data to archive. For example, if an employee who thought he had permission to work at night was dismissed when he actually went to work at night, a company lawsuit against the company said that the word “ night work '' or “ after regular hours '' or a company that worked at night You may be required to submit electronic data, such as an email exchange containing your name. In such a case, if you leave an archive, you can easily prepare data.


When retrieving the original data, backup and archive are also called differently; backup is called restore, and archive is called retrieve. When restoring, the target data is often a single file, server, or database, but retrieving often involves a set of related data. A restore will recreate a point in time, while a retrieve will have a range of data, such as emails from the last three years.

Curtis Preston says that many people are struggling to keep their previous backups like archives or to retrieve the data they had stored as backups. If the electronic data requested to be submitted in the lawsuit cannot be retrieved and the submission is delayed, there is a possibility that concealment of evidence may be suspected and an adverse presumption may be made.Morgan StanleyHe said that he had lost billions of dollars in lawsuits for that reason.

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Curtis Preston says that if you don't use backups as an archive, and you need an archive, then researching the actual archiving system can be expensive but valuable in the long run.

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