Not "normal"! │Only two people? Rally Carford RS200 as a daily car

Famous writer Graham Robson used the RS200 as his everyday foot in the 1980s.

Twenty to thirty RS200s produced were used for motorsports and the rest fit in the collector's garage. It is said that in the mid-1980s, only two people drove on a daily basis. One was Bob Ho, the only salesman on the RS200, and the other was the writer, no matter what. At the time, he undertook the management of Ford's sponsored Owners Club, while also producing a vehicle service manual.

Despite the same RS200, Bob and I often swapped each other's vehicles. I think Ford needed durability data from mileage in everyday life. Normally, the doorway to Boreham was harsh, but it was interesting that the guards got used to Bob and my face, and the RS200 that goes in and out every day.

Bob always took a customer interested in the RS200 for a test ride and drove 100,000 miles. I ran a total of 85,000 miles on four RS200s for four years. One of the most memorable was the round trip to Cortina, Italy during the Pirelli Classic Marathon.

The first time in the morning, right after starting the RS200, the oil pressure is high and you have to be gentle anyway. Bob and I realized from experience that otherwise would damage the pipe. While running the RS200, various cars will challenge the game, but if you see the greatness of the RS200 at a corner or landabout, you will give up immediately.

The days of spending time with the RS200 were very peaceful, as long as he was used to the almost pointless heater, almost no rear view, and the clutch that required extremely delicate operation. The only thing I was careful about was to avoid traffic jams as much as possible. Otherwise, BDT engines tended to increase the water temperature with gungun. Although it seems to be awkward RS200, there is also an extra bonus that the beautiful women who are on the road smile even when I am not beautiful.

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