Not too heavy a bag for interviews … Working from home causes back pain

The reporter's luggage is generally heavy.

Small items such as personal computers, cameras [also SLRs for some people, interchangeable lenses], pocket Wi-Fi, various chargers, notebooks, notebooks, tape recorders, business cards, etc. In case of sudden stake-in, warm in the winter [various types of sticking, not sticking, putting on shoes] and rainy days. Of course the folding umbrella is in the bag all year round. Since she is a woman, simple makeup tools are added here. There are still books that I want to read in my spare time, drinks and snacks that help me on an empty stomach.

I listed my usual things to convey the amount, but this is about 6 or 7 kg. It will be a little easier if you divide it into multiple pieces, such as handbags, but I would like to combine them into one. When you hand a bag to someone, such as "give me a little", the weight of the bag is often frightening.

Every time I take it on my back, I think it's too heavy, but I managed to come without fatally hurt my back. What I would like to say is that I came here and hurt my back when I was at home without any luggage.

There is no space to put a desk or a nice chair in the room because it is not a large rented house, and I work on a low table in front of the sofa. Even though there was a carpet, the work was sitting on the ground. My waist, which should have been tough, would be so damaged by just one month of work at home. I'm staying at home all the time, so I can't hit Corona, but staying at home all caused another illness.

Upon examination, it seemed that some comrades were also suffering from lower back sitting work. Therefore, maintaining the health of the lower back became an issue when working from home. Even if you look over the room, it seems unlikely that you will be able to secure a space for a desk unless you move. I'm currently considering buying a yoga mat for stretching.

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