Now use Google + so it’s easier to see opinions from people you care? Japanese artificial intelligence society in LINE with the Yahoo Manager for business integration

LINE and Yahoo version Z [Holdings]Ltd announced. Certainly the number of users is large. “Senior approximately 6700 million monthly users of Yahoo”and,”especially among the younger generation about 8200 million of the user count LINE”, the”GAFA”[Google, Amazon, Facebook,Apple],”BAT”[Baidu, Alibaba,Tencent]called U.S. companies to compete can be?

【Here】Big data and AI take advantage of the station congestion prediction Yahoo and Seibu is experiment

Artificial intelligence [AI] business in mind, Funds Investment, see it. The market is wide conflict a lot. AI in business is important”teacher data”only. The group in this field upfront had said that. The efforts of the fruiting body.

For the time being,good Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, mainly South East Asia countries increase the share in the world cannot compete with the power to store,in Europe and the United States to advance plans to do that.

The current LINE of flagship product in the voice recognition there. Speech recognition technology is not new. More than 30 years of history, there are also some speech recognition software to actually use,as it also recognized, it wasn’t meant to be.

Recently, practical application to products remember of you. This recognition and AI tie your services in the near future of the product would.

The recent tightening of regulations for”while driving”, the car navigation, such as during running operation can be useful too. Currently, a safety switch to cut operation while driving that make it possible to many people, but in the future,”speech”, the AI of the other device control, along with undertake and,during operation in the operation of the violation and is not.

Furthermore, AI if the user-to-grow feature, the users 1 Person 1 person getting closer to the action, you can acquire a useful thing.

The automotive sector in the deployment has already started and huge market, there is no doubt about that. Life with service to the AI to offer with convenience on the cloud and use it there are infinite possibilities. The automotive industry, as well as the lives of people is rapidly changing scene is coming. [Article: kenzoogata・The article list to look at]

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