NPO President "Supreme" Fantasy Torch Relay Course Test Run

Yumiko Nishimoto, NPO president, planning to run Hirono Town, Fukushima Prefecture on the first day of the 26th day at the Tokyo Olympic [Olympic] Torch Relay, which was canceled due to the spread of the new coronavirus. On the same day, he ran a 200-meter course that was planned for the originally scheduled time.

"I want to share my excitement with everyone next year," said Nishimoto with a smile.

In January 2013, Nishimoto and local high school students began planting approximately 20,000 cherry blossom seedlings along the coast of Fukushima Prefecture, which was damaged by the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident. He was also involved in the torch relay initiative, just before the dream of a torch relay passing through a row of cherry trees was realized.

"I'm sorry to [cancel], so I'm convinced to run as if I'm a torch runner," plans a trial run of the planned course. Five local high school students and college students who participated in tree-planting and relay invitation activities rushed as supporters and ran slowly in a uniform T-shirt near the cherry blossoms near flowering. Nishimoto said, "It was great. I want to do my best for next year."

At the starting point of the torch relay, the soccer facility “J Village” in Fukushima Prefecture [Naraha Town and Hirono Town], the work to clean up the equipment continued on the 26th. [Joint]

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