NSA hits hand-finds and reports serious Windows vulnerability

U.S. National Security Agency [NSA] says serious threats to Windows that could be exploited for large-scale information leaks and surveillanceSecurity vulnerabilitiesAnd notified Microsoft instead of keeping it as a secret within the organization. The NSA stated that the vulnerability was serious and that hackers would quickly find ways to exploit it.

Microsoft Surface 3

Microsoft Surface 3
Courtesy Ian Knighton / CNET

"None patching vulnerabilities can have serious and widespread consequences," the NSA advisory dated January 14 noted.

Simply put, this means "update Microsoft's operating system immediately to prevent hacking."

Microsoft released a security update on April 14 that fixes the vulnerability.The Washington PostFirst reported this. This vulnerability affects Windows 10, Windows Server 2019, and Windows Server 2016 operating systems.

The company released January updates and technical information as a monthly security update. According to security expert Brian Krebs, the NSA reported security vulnerabilities.MicrosoftIt is said that this is the first time announced.

The collaboration between the NSA and Microsoft is a promising move, said Michael Kaiser, a former executive director of the National Cyber ​​Security Alliance. Ten years ago, trust and information-sharing between businesses and governments was very low, according to Kaiser, who helps cybersecurity measures for small businesses as part of their work. This move may indicate an improvement in the situation.

"Without sharing this information, we can't increase the security of the world," Kaiser said.

According to Microsoft, there have been no known attacks exploiting this vulnerability.

This article is from overseas CBS InteractivearticleWas edited by Asahi Interactive for Japan.

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