NTA announces postponement of final tax return-April 16

On February 27, the NTA will extend the filing deadline for filing income tax, gift tax and consumption tax for sole proprietors.Announcementdid. Some media reports in the morning of the same day, but it was officially announced.

From the perspective of preventing the spread of new coronavirus infections, the tax filing deadline and payment deadline for declared income and gift taxes, which are originally due on March 16 and the consumption tax for individual businesses due on March 31, are set to four. Extended on March 16. Along with this, the transfer date for taxpayer income tax and personal consumption tax transfer taxpayers will also be extended.

The agency recommends using the e-Tax, which can be declared from your PC or smartphone at home, using your ID number and password issued by your tax card or tax office, as well as salary earners and public pensioners. According to the report, users who receive refunds for deductions, home deductions such as tax payments, and special deductions [home loan deductions] such as mortgage loans can be filed until December 31, 2024.

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