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Nuance color redness is feminine♡ The new color "Can Make Quick Rush Curler Wine Move" is reviewed!

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Petit plastic cosmetics are very popularCan makeupAmong them, a new color for the popular "quick rush curler" that can keep the eyelashes upward all day long"Quick Rush Curler Wine Mauve"Joined the group. I tried to verify the usability of the item and the new color tones, which can be used as a mascara base, mascara, and top coat in one piece!

Reddish Move to a feminine eye. New color of Wine Mauve has been added to the excellent mascara of can-make!

Ida Laboratories Co., Ltd.The "quick lash curler" mascara from the cosmetic brand "Can Make" can be used as a mascara base, mascara, and top coat with this one product, and it keeps the upward curl all day long, so it's an excellent little plastic! Very popular as! It is also an item with many repeaters.

New color"Quick Rush Curler Wine Move" (1 new color, suggested retail price 680 yen excluding tax, released June 30, 2020)Is a red mauve nuance color that gives a feminine look.

A special double comb with a short surface that lifts the root firmly and a long surface that extends and separates the eyelashes so that you can catch short eyelashes! It also contains treatment ingredients that are gentle on the eyelashes, so the eyelashes are not easily damaged, and the point is that they are waterproof formulations that resist sweat and water.

If you look at the color with your arms…

A deep wine color. It's a slightly bluish mauve color, so I recommend it to Mr. Bourvet.

What is the color and feel of "Can Make Quick Rush Curler Wine Mauve"?

Let's try it now.

When I actually applied it to my eyelashes, the special comb type brush fits the eyelashes firmly and is very easy to apply.

As it has a deep wine color, it matches the color of the eyes and is a natural color. The wine color develops more beautifully when it is down and when it is exposed to light.

After the mascara dries for a while, you can see that the curls are kept as if it were hard to snap. Karl was kept all day long and never fell. Easy to put on, curl-keeping power, and so on, but it's high quality. With the nuance color that fits around your eyes, you'll get an unusual feminine look, and you'll be happy to immediately get a finish like an advanced makeup person!

By the way, it is recommended to use it together with the limited color 05 Lilac Move of the eyeshadow palette "Silky's Flaeyes" which will be released at the same timing, because it gives a more unified look to the eyes.

A perfect item for those who want to change the impression of their eyes and want to challenge color mascara.

I felt that "Can Make Quick Rush Curler Wine Mauve" is a nuance color that can change the atmosphere casually, so even people with some resistance to color mascara can easily add it. If you want to try makeup that has a slightly different mood than usual, or if you want to try color mascara, please give it a try.

You can purchase products from drug stores, online shops, etc.

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