"Nuregure" super cup, which won the first place in the Kyushu ramen general election, appeared → Impressions of people from Fukuoka eating

Tonkotsu Ramen Kingdom has various shops in Fukuoka Prefecture, but the famous one is Chikushino City's popular shop "Drambo Ramen". That should be it, the store has the track record of the first place in the general election of Kyushu ramen. Furthermore, it is not only in the prefecture, but also in Kyushu, Kanto, and overseas.

One of the featuresSpicy sauceSo, you can enjoy so-called “taste”, but from July 20, 2020, you can enjoy it all over Japan. That's right, Acecock has released "Super Cup 1.5x Ramen Atsushi Super Dare Tonkotsu Ramen".

・Cup noodles with free replacement tickets

You can buy the warm cups at supermarkets and convenience stores throughout Japan. The suggested retail price is 220 yen excluding tax, but I could buy it at a supermarket for 178 yen. By the way, what really catches the eye is the word "warmth" written as "decadeka"…not……

On the package"Replacement ball free ticket"right. After all, a replacement ball of 150 yen including tax is usually free, and considering the price of cup noodles, it is quite advantageous. Whether or not you can go to the store is an issue, but you may use it somewhere until July 19, 2021.

・How far has it been reproduced?

Aside from the fact that there are surprisingly happy services like this, let's get into the main subject. As mentioned above, the characteristics of warm weather are spicy, but to what extent can it be reproduced?

When opened, it contains powdery soup and special paste inside. This area is like a typical cup noodle. First, add the powdered soup, add hot water, and wait for 3 minutes. If you add a special paste from there…

Hoi, completed! It looked very spicy, but the conclusion was that the edge worked and it was a bit different. This is because the spiciness that remains in my mouth is pleasant and I eat and drink while sweating. Somehow the chopsticks advance with exquisite spiciness!!

I feel that the pork bone soup with a spicy and rich flavor is closely related to the taste of the shop. While spicy enthusiasts may be unsatisfied, those who are not good at it can easily make cup noodles by adjusting the special paste to continue eating.

・If you have time, devise

The noodles are like the usual super cup, but the thin type goes well with the soup and goes into the stomach. In addition, it has a good flavor, and it is also a good job that a jellyfish appears from time to time. I got the impression that it was packed in a clean cup.

If it's strong, it might be terrible to say about cup noodles, but I feel that if you have dokan and char siu, it will be one rank higher. However, considering the price, it is enough. For those who couldn't go to the store, it was a cup noodle that would let you know henrin.

From me, who is from Fukuoka prefecture, I would recommend you to make your own efforts such as adding leek and adding boiled eggs to aim for the height. Again, the liver is a special paste. It's good to adjust and eat while checking your taste.

Reference source:PR TIMES

Report:Takashi Harada

Photo: RocketNews24.

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