"Nurse" disappeared from the laughing point and the audience disappeared

The Nippon Television series "Laughs" [5:30 pm on Sunday] was broadcast on the 5th, reflecting on the selection of the 19th Daikiri masterpiece.

The program updated its official website on February 25 and announced that for the time being, the public recording at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo will be suspended due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

This day's broadcast was an unusual form of sitting in a chair, rather than a regular cushion. In the center of the stage was the host, Shufutei Shota [60], with other performers lined up on the left and right. Shota explained, "Laughter special edition. I chose from the 19th year's Ogiri, and I chose it. That's what I'd like to look at.

Although it was recorded with no audience following the previous time, it was carried out with staff in the audience seats. "It's a spectator this time as well, but we had a special visitor. The manager, the props, the props, and the nurses, all the staff of the laughing point!" .

At the end of the program, Sanyutei Koraku [73] replied, "It's good to have a speedy feeling." Shouta said, "This shape was interesting, so I'll try again next week. Thank you." And tightened.

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