NY Forex:risk-off continues,down EU 900 dollars super cheap

*00:42JST NY Forex:risk-off continues,down EU 900 dollars super cheap

NY Forex market in the risk aversion of the movement continued. The world almost throughout the 新型肺炎 is confirmed, the infected expansion of the economy and corporate profits and affect the normal performance of the vigilant. U.S. stock market prices or indices. Dow 1000 dollars near the fall,an important milestone is the 200-day moving average level at the interrupt, the collection territory. US Treasury market also closed for a holiday. Outlook for the US economy, lowering the interest rate cuts observed in addition to a large amount of”flight to quality”of investment funds inflow in the background. The US 10-year bond yield is 1. 24%dropped to the lowest level ever recorded.

Dollar・yen is 110 yen 04 Qian from 109 yen 69 Qian also fell to 1 week lows update. The Euro・yen 120 yen 88 sen from the highs of 120 yen 70 sen to anti. Euro・dollar is 1. 0959 from $ 1. 1005 dollar rose to highs for the deployment was.

In the United States, a known source of infection and the relationship between virus cases were first confirmed. Route of infection of unknown Community-Acquired Infections,infection accelerated the pace could be a concern. 《KY》

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