NY stocks: Dow 119 dollar,geopolitical risks to the cautious continues

*07:00JST NY stocks: Dow 119 dollar,geopolitical risks to the cautious continues
NY the world stock market had the prices decreased on Thursday. Dow 119. 70 dollar of 28583. 68, the NASDAQ is 2. 88 points cheap 9068. 58 trade in the end. Continued Iran tensions in the geopolitical risks to the alarm spread, and 10-12 on closing the season before the wait and see mood, and even small movements from beginning to end the deployment was. Sector in the semiconductor and semiconductor manufacturing equipment and commercial and professional services is rising, while Real Estate and banks are weak.

Aircraft of the group(BA), American Airlines and 737MAX aircraft operated stop accompanied by a compensation agreement in addition,Warren Buffett is the company buying shares and speculation also spread to rise. Electric vehicles of Tesla(TSLA), the China plant was Model 3 of the General customers of the delivery events,the factory in the small SUV Model Y towards production work to begin and also Express a record value is updated. The memory of the semiconductor, Micron Technology(MU)and Western Digital(WDC), analysts for investment decisions raising has been bought. On the other hand,furniture and interior retail sales of Pier 1 import content(PIR)is about half equivalent to 450 stores announced the closure of a bankrupt concern from a substantial decline.

Las Vegas will be held Consumer Electronics Show(CES), Delta Airlines(DAL)is in the next few years a new timeline, Kyle Reese teams up with John Connor’s mother Sarah and Wifi Internet connection Free announced a plan to,have attracted the attention.

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