NY stocks: Dow 558 of the dollar,economic activity resume expectations

*07:00JST NY stocks: Dow 558 of the dollar,economic activity resume expectations
The US stock markets to rise. The Dow average is 558. 99 dollar 23949. 76 dollars, the NASDAQ 323. 32-point high of the 8515. 74 points in trade to end. In the United States a new type of corona virus infection spread of the peak indications of continued good feeling and buying ahead. Trump for President is the economy to the resumption of a new Commission launched a consultation has started this good feeling will all day long, a steady transition was. Sector in the retail and technology hardware and equipment, greatly increased on the one hand, banks and Energy fell.

Video streaming of the box[ROKU] is a 1-3 month period of the number of subscribers and revenue than expected growth from the fast. Electric vehicles of Tesla [TSLA], Credit Suisse investment by the judgment・target price raised in Rose. Also, the healthcare of Johnson・and・Johnson [JNJ] is a 1-3 month period of revenue and profit growth announced increase. On the other hand, the major silver JP Morgan[JPM], the financial revenue in 2013 to its lowest level since depressed, as default its magic converting symbols and numbers to digital text and delivering the result in a view that shows the decline. Wells Fargo[WFC]also the income of the Federal Reserve’s latest meeting indicated that interest rates are falling. Aircraft manufacturer Boeing[BA] 737 MAX aircraft orders for 3 month 150 to cancel, today announced that it has been dropped.

The International Monetary Fund [IMF] in 2020 global economic growth Outlook to minus 3%, and 1 forecast point forecast plus a 3. 3% growth from the significant downward revision. In 2021 5. 8% Plus growth expected.

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