NY stocks: Dow 622 dollar,US-China relations deteriorated additional customs duty concern is weight

*12:27JST NY stocks: Dow 622 dollar,US-China relations deteriorated additional customs duty concern is weight
U.S. stock market prices or indices. The Dow average is 622. 03 dollar of 23723. At $ 69, the NASDAQ is 284. 60 points, cheap 8604. 95 points, ended the deal. The United States major companies of the sluggish earnings Outlook, and 4 on the ISM Manufacturing Index is 11 year lows fall into the in addition,the new virus to deal with around the Trump administration has accused China,US-China relations deteriorated additional tariff is triggered concerns from the larger falling drop with. NY Governor and the rest of the now school year closed with the announcement of the state’s resumption of economic activity is delayed and of concern is the spread,pull it to lower the width to expand. Sector in energy, automotive & auto parts is a big decline. Food and daily necessities retail and household and personal supplies down slightly was.

Oil giant Exxon Mobil[XOM]is,for the first time in several decades a quarter of the deficit recorded a large decline. Electric vehicles of Tesla [TSLA]Elon Musk CEO”the stock price is too high”and point the path fell. Online retail of Amazon [AMZN] is a 1-3 month period results in earnings below expectations, and a new antivirus of spending increase be on the alert fell heavily. Mobile devices of Apple[AAPL]yesterday, when released after 1-3 month period financial results and share buyback plan is good and the Cook is the CEO of 4 on sales recovery prospects for the temporary increase of the buying continued from sharply declining. Household consumer products makers, Clorox[CLX] is a 1-3 year on year sales by 15% in the United States rose.

Trump President, the new virus spread around the initial response in the responsible and blame China. The government claims such as China’s retaliatory measures studied and reported.

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