NY stocks: Dow 90 dollar,the U.S. Phase 1 of the agreement and sign the document

*07:00JST NY stocks: Dow 90 dollar,the U.S. Phase 1 of the agreement and sign the document
The US stock markets to rise. The Dow average is 90. 55 dollar 29030. 22, the NASDAQ is 7. 37 points high of 9258. 70 trade in the end. Today,U.S.-China trade negotiations in Phase 1 of eye of an agreement signed ahead, buying ahead,a steady transition was. Agreed to the document, China is the next 2 years, in 2000 billion dollars worth of technology and services to the United States instead of buying from the US is 1200 billion dollars worth of Chinese products and import duties to halve, and other imported goods is the customs delay the introduction included also. However, investor interest is already 10-12 months ended earnings transferred by the upper limit of the heavy deployment was. Sector is,public utilities and household goods・personal goods to rise, while banks and semiconductors and semiconductor manufacturing equipment is weak.

Discount store Target(TGT), the net sales forecast revised downward decline. Major banks of Bank of America(BAC), the income earnings, but weak sales. On the other hand,Health Insurance United Health(UNH), the results are expected to deviate on the rise. Asset Management Blackrock(BLK)financial results in the United States were bought.

Metal giant Alcoa(AA), the market after the end of the 10-12 year on year earnings, net sales is expected to downside,of strain loss than expected and expanded. Hours trading the stock has fallen remained.

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