NY stocks: U.S. stocks rise,virus treatment expect to spread

*09:19JST NY stocks: U.S. stocks rise,virus treatment expect to spread
The US stock markets to rise. The Dow average is 369. 21 dollar 26075. For $ 30, the NASDAQ is 69. 70 points high of 10617. 45 points in trade to end.

In the U.S. the viral infection continues to expand in the virus treatment is expected to spread from high oil prices and investor sentiment has improved may buy from preceded. Trump President”China and trust is damaged, and at the moment,U.S.-China Phase 2 trade agreements is unthinkable”and saying that US-China relations worsen concern, there temporary gains that shrink the aspect was also a draw to again increase your. Sector, banks and insurance rose on the other hand, pharmaceutical and biotech fell.

Pharmaceutical companies the[at GILD] is a new corona virus as a remedy for OF GAME de, The 3 相治 the test of new released data of critically ill patients mortality significantly reduced as a result of nonetheless rising. Cruise operator Carnival[CCL]is the operation resumption plan summary presented had grown. Also, the video streaming of Netflix[NFLX]and major silver of Wells Fargo[WFC]analyst of investment decisions raised in the United States rise. On the other hand, the real estate broker Red Fin [RDFN]is an analyst in the investment decision lowered the Federal Reserve’s latest meeting indicated that interest rates are falling.

Online retail and of Amazon [AMZN] is a security risk you may have,such as from TikTok to remove the employee instructed.

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