NZ's representative lettering strength is "fitness" one question one answer

"World's best rock" has arrived!ブ ロ New Zealand [NZ] national team 81 cap Brody Rhetorick [28 = Chiefs] who joined the Kobe Steel aiming for the second consecutive victory in the rugby top league [TL] held a joining meeting in Kobe city on the 10th. A great man of 204 centimeters won the World Rugby Player of the Year in 14 years. The main questions and answers that expressed our determination in Shintenchi are as follows.

-Why did you choose Kobe Steel?

First of all, I wanted to try a new challenge. Time with family [wife and two women] is also required. [In NZ] Super rugby, international match and 10-11 months a year. When you participate in the top league, there is an off-season. I want to rest and play at a high level for a long time. I am also acquainted with Wayne Smith [Kobe Steel Director] and Dave Dillon [Head Coach]. Have worked together. The team environment is world class, and there are many players with experience of NZ and Japan. I want to grow further in a high-level environment

-Did you think about moving to Europe?

The answer was a bit short, but I never thought

-Strong points

I think fitness is my strength. So is flexibility. I think my ball skills are personally high. You must be able to move as needed in the position [lock]. Tackle, ball carry, scrum, line out … I want to do a central job

-What is your impression of Japan?

It ’s a wonderful place. Before the World Cup [Japan Games], I sometimes came to Japan 4-5 times. Every time I come here, I respect each other very much compared to NZ. Impression of “Polite Country”. The food was delicious and I ate a lot during the World Cup. Tokyo is crowded, but Kobe is relatively smaller [larger] than Tokyo. I want to go to various places in Japan. Ramen, okonomiyaki, grilled meat … I like everything

-From now on, what are your plans for playing for NZ?

First of all, in my plan, go to the game with TL. There are two season contracts in Kobe. After that, I would like to go back to NZ once and hopefully enter the All Blacks once again and participate in the 2023 World Cup [France]. If the performance as All Blacks [of NZ representative] is good, I would be happy if you would call me [to Kobe Steel again]

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