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Oclean X, the world's first smart electric toothbrush with touch panel-Engadget Japan

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The world's first touch panel equipped, smart electric toothbrush "Oclean X" finally landing in Japan!

“ Oclean X '' which has sophisticated functionality and looks,Become your important tooth partner!

Various operations can be performed with the touch panel!

Greeting function:Only with AI. Displays greetings and seasons for several patterns per day.

Power adjustment:Press and hold the touch panel to adjust the brushing strength in 32 steps.

Mode adjustment:The optimal brushing setting can be made by using the touch panel or a linked application and selecting the mode that suits the mouth condition.

Analyze your brushing habits:You will be notified of your brushing score and remaining brush percentage each time. Mouth status can be managed with the touch panel and dedicated application.

The AI ​​overpressure prevention sensor automatically adjusts the frequency so that teeth and gums are not brushed.

It does not hurt the gums with comfortable and appropriate pressure.

It can be used safely for those who use an electric toothbrush for the first time and those who have weak gums.

With high-speed vibration vibration of 40,000 brush strokes per minute and torque output of up to, plaque and coloring of hard-to-fall parts are efficiently removed by hand polishing, and the mouth is thoroughly washed.

Just move slowly along the dentition to easily remove coloring and plaque.

With Oclean X, you can choose from 32 levels of brushing amplitude and intensity.

When you are tired or your gums are weak, you can adjust to the situation at that time.

6-axis gyro and built-in smart sensorWith two major functions,

The toothpaste score and remaining brush percentage are displayed on the touch panel.

In addition, 1,500 brushing data is collected per minute, and the unique artificial intelligence analyzes posture and unconscious habits during brushing. Providing efficient advice based on accumulated data.

If used continuously, AI can report the best brushing method.

In addition, you can manage your mouth condition yourself using the touch panel and special application.

The touch panel can be switched to three types of modes: clean [mainly for removing plaque], white [mainly for removing coloring], and massage [mainly for gum massage].

The dedicated app has 20 types of brushing modes. You can also set the combination of mode and power, set the polishing time, and customize to your liking.

Optimal brushing settings can be made according to the state of the mouth at that time.

It can be used in the sensitive period just after tartar removal or in the mouth immediately after eating a sweet oyster.

Full charge in 2 hours, Is sustainable for one month.

# Duration varies depending on usage and storage environmentIt changes.

Ideal for travel and business trips!

For example, while brushing your teeth, have you ever forgotten to move the brushing area while holding the body?

Oclean X stops the vibration once every 30 seconds [0.5 seconds], so you can notice the passage of time.

High quality Tynex Classic made by DuPont is used for the hair tips.

The 3D multi-fit structure fits perfectly into the dentition and removes plaque thoroughly between invisible teeth. The hair tips have a comfortable elasticity.

In addition, we do not use brass [brass] metal piece called flat wire for hair implantation part.

By adopting a flocking technique that does not use a flat wire, metal oxides can be prevented from flowing into the body, and those with metal allergies can use it with confidence.

It has IPX7 level waterproof performance, so it can be taken into the bathroom or humid place.

In addition, it uses a nano-coating technology that keeps bacteria and dirt away from the body material, so it can be kept clean forever.

The # IPX7 level is a very high level of waterproofing, which is one of the waterproofing grades stipulated by Japanese Industrial Standards.

Even though it's simple, don't forget to play.

After 2 hours of charging, you can place a toothbrush on Oclean X's unique wall holder with built-in magnet for 20-30 days between charges.

If you leave it at eye level, you accidentally forget to polish it! There is nothing. It fits into the interior with its compact design that can effectively use the wash space.

Carry your Oclean X in a stylish moisture and dust proof travel case!

You can choose from two colors, light gray and pink.

If you exceed # 1000 units, you will receive 2 replacement brushes for each purchase!
If you exceed # 3000 units, you will receive one travel case for each purchase!

■ Mid-February crowdfunding started

■ Mid April Crowdfunding ends

■ Late April to early May Shipping schedule

This product is sold exclusively by Oclean authorized distributor in Japan and has obtained necessary certifications such as Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law [PSE] and Technical Standards Compliance Certificate [TELEC].

Please note that some products may not be certified on parallel import products sales sites. In that case, we will ask the seller to stop selling, but please understand that the above cases may not be completely prevented depending on individual imports and sales channels.

Thank you for your understanding and understanding of the above in advance due to the nature of crowdfunding.

Ladies and gentlemen, Hello. Backer-Founder. Thank you for reading the page to the end!

Since its founding in 2014, Backer-Founder has worked with manufacturers as a crowdfunding consulting company to deliver innovative ideas and products to people in Europe, North America, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. We have supported more than 300 projects so far and helped connect with Backer who wants to support the dreams of a new era by shaping the passions of various Founders. Making full use of our unique marketing methods, we have worked on a total of more than 5 billion yen, including more than 100 projects that have achieved more than 10 million yen.

The best spices for a wide variety of modern people! We want to carefully select high-spec, high-cost products and deliver them across borders! We want to keep the spirit of ingenuity and deliver satisfaction and surprise to people all over the world without stopping for a moment.

Oclean is an electric toothbrush brand born in Shenzhen on May 2016.

We performed crowdfunding on Indiegogo in September 2017 and won the iF Design Award 2019 and the Red Dot Design Award 2019 in 2018. Oclean always considers "the best brushing experience" as its mission and develops high quality products to provide healthy oral care to as many people as possible.

Because we know the importance of oral care and the different oral structures of each person, we have spent a long time analyzing and studying toothbrushing habits. He has obtained over 40 patents and received a Good Design Award in 2019.

Oclean's products have been loved around the world, and XiaomiYoupin has raised 150 million yen in support, and more than 2,000 people have purchased the pre-sale in Taiwan.

IndiegogoMore than 1,000 people have been very supportive of our crowdfunding.

・ Where can I buy replacement brushes?
The purchase link in Rakuten Ichiba and Amazon will be announced later through the activity report.
We plan to open stores in many shopping malls and expand sales channels.

・ Is there a guarantee?
With a 18-month warranty, we will replace it with a new one only for normal use natural failure.

・ How long can pairing be when connecting via Bluetooth?
There is some difference depending on the communication and surrounding environment, but it is about 10m.

・ Is the operation sound loud?
It is less than 60dB which is said to be ordinary conversational sound.

・ I want to know how to attach the charger.
Insert the main unit into the charger, and connect the USB connection cable [MicroUSB, accessory] to the outlet.

Support this project with GREEN FUNDING


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