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Odakyu Department Store newly introduces d payment, introduces LINE Pay, PayPay, smartphone payment services, and can use services of all four companies in addition to Rakuten Pay

Odakyu Department Store announced on February 10 that it will introduce three domestic smartphone application payment services at the same time. This will allow you to shop at the department store if you have a smartphone without having to carry your wallet.

This time, the service will be introduced for three cases: "d payment", "LINE Pay", and "PayPay". In addition to the earlier introduction of Rakuten Pay (app payment), services from four domestic companies will be available from February 10.


Until now, in addition to cash and credit card payments, we have introduced transportation IC cards and Chinese barcode payments "Alipay" and "WeChat Pay", taking into account the spread of cashless payments in Japan. In order to expand convenience at stores and improve convenience, and to create points of contact with customers who use electronic payment services, smartphone application payments were launched with the introduction of Rakuten Pay (app payment) in November last year. Promoted the introduction of services. By simultaneously introducing the services of three domestic companies, the services of four domestic companies will be available.

As a result, the department store will be able to handle almost all cashless payments, greatly improving convenience.

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