Oe successor! Suguro Seika Ana in charge of TV Tokyo "WBS" Friday

On 26th, it turned out that the TV Tokyo economics program "WBS [World Business Satellite]" [Mon-Fri 11pm] will be renewed from 30th. Announcing the announcer Suguro [35] as the main caster on Friday, and Mariko Oe caster [41], who currently appears five days a week, will be in charge of Monday through Thursday.

"WBS" is the signboard's economic program that will enter its 33rd year this spring. Suguro Ana is currently appearing on the program as a field caster, but has recently been promoted to a main caster and becomes a "Friday's face." Suguro Anna commented, "I will go to the site more than ever to find hints to spend a slightly different perspective on the weekend, and myself will improve my power." Also serves as a field caster on Thursday.

Oe caster "we seemed to have very strong relations" in the relationship that handed baton of moderator to Suguro Ana even in haunting! He says, "I have a lot of experience, and I have the perfect knowledge of economics and the courage to sit in MC seats." In the renewal, the ending theme and the set have been renewed to convey the forefront of the economy.

In the same station, Akiko Sasaki [50], who appeared on the morning economics program "News Morning Satellite" [Monday to Friday 4:55 a.m.] from 30th to 5th a week, Monday to Wednesday, Reina Akimoto caster [34] Is in charge of Thursday and Friday.

In the "WBS", the Oe caster took a one-month vacation in January and was talked about. TV Tokyo's “work style reform” is progressing.

○… The ending theme is from Baton Touch by Yumi Matsutoya [66] to “La La !! Tomorrow” written by Seiko Matsuda [58]. Seiko said, “No matter how painful or sad, there is a positive thought and desire to walk with hope toward tomorrow. I'm very happy to hear it. "

◆ Syoka Suguro [born in Tokyo, October 9, 1984]. After graduating from Waseda University, joined TV TOKYO in 2007. In charge of the program, "Hawaii! Ad Street Heaven" and "Ariane World". My favorite foods are pasta and ethnic. My hobbies are watching musicals and watching sports. Blood group A.

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