Of the universe large-scale structure of the pattern AI in the accurate and fast prediction of graduate school, such as the development

The universe on the substance of the distribution is not uniform, the galaxy is the reticular scattered structure. Of large-scale structure in the universe is about deep understanding,the evolution of the universe to get heavily involved in the big solve the mystery of the so important. National Astronomical Observatory of Japan 5 days of the universe large-scale structure observations of the amount of accurate and fast can be calculated by artificial intelligence[AI] tools to the development of successful and announced.

【Here】The early universe the formation of the source and the hydrogen gas of the large-scale structure of the universe”mesh”discover the RIKEN research

■Reticular distribution in the space of the large-scale structure

The universe is mainly”objects”called ordinary matter and visible light, is invisible dark matter,dark energy from structure.

The early universe, baryonic and Dark Matter, etc. of the substance are uniformly distributed. Only a slight presence of density fluctuation of gravity amplified by the galaxy, is almost non-existent”void”and the galaxy is compact”filament”such as the diverse structure of the universe into being.

The large-scale structure observations is that, in analyzing the evolution of the universe major impact on the dark matter and dark energy to solve the mystery of the is expected. Around the world in the space of the large-scale observation plan is implemented, the obtained data and analyze useful knowledge to guide the physical theory based on the structure of the universe evolves precisely as the prophecy that was needed.

But only a few dozen million from 100 million and a cosmological model of the elaborate calculations necessary,a huge simulation to run was difficult.

■The AI calculates the amount of to dramatically reduce

Kyoto University, the University of Tokyo,Hirosaki University, the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan,Nagoya University researchers that consists of Group problem-solving for AI, which is a kind of machine learning focusing. The research group has developed a machine learning apparatus”dark emulator”is a simulation of a new implementation of a new universe model against the expected observations of the theoretical predictions possible.

Dark the emulator is used,”weak gravitational lensing effect called”gravitational field generated by galaxy of image distortion and of the Galaxy spatial distribution with respect to the actual observed data, the error from 2% to 3% degree of accuracy in the predictions can become.

In the future, Subaru Telescope observations obtained in the cosmic large-scale structure of the data analysis and AI, using the universe of big data Analytics to dark emulator the contribution would be the study group is excited about.

Details of the study, the US Astrophysics journal Astrophysical Journal, 2019 to 10 on May 8 was published. [Article: Kadono 未智・The article list to look at]

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