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Officially announce the production of "Star Trek: Picard" Season 2. The first season starts on January 24-Engadget Japan Version

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The production of the second season of the SF drama "Star Trek: Picard", which is scheduled to start distribution of Amazon Prime Video in Japan from CBS Allaccess on January 24, 2020 in Japan, has been officially announced . The production of the second season has been reportedly decided as of December, and this announcement confirms it. There isn't much information about the second season yet, including the synopsis, but at least Patrick Stewart will surely continue. CBS All Access is a movie starring David BowieRemake of "the man who fell on the earth"The production decision for the second season, even though the first season has not yet begun, clearly shows that Star Trek Picard is a signage program for this video streaming service It looks like

1st seasonSo Captain Picard has finished his role in space and is now running a vineyard on the ground. However, the appearance of a woman named Dirge seeking help suggests that Picard will protect her. Also, in the story, opportunity creatures such as Borg who appear as villains in the series will appear closely related to the story.

The drama will feature Brent Spinner as the data role, Jeri Ryan as the Seven of Nine, Jonathan Flakes as William T. Riker, and Marina Sirtis as Diana Troy. Jonathan del Arco will also be playing Hugh the Borg.

The first season, which is made up of 10 episodes, is likely to have a bigger story for the second season.


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