Ogi's summer vacation reduction supplementary training "Children will be killed"

Naoki Oki [73], an educational critic who is known as Ogi Mama, said that the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology [MEXT] indicated that he would provide supplementary lessons such as reducing summer vacation after school restarts. I'm afraid that the school refusal will increase dramatically. "

Mr. Ogi updated his blog on the 21st. "I was surprised and surprised. The Ministry of Education, which I talked about after the resume at today's press conference, I did a supplementary lesson, I reduced the summer vacation!" I am afraid that I can only come to my mind.

He pointed out that the children will be dying, they will be lethargic, and they will be unable to attend school because of the policy of conducting supplementary lessons after school on weekdays or during summer vacation. "It's embarrassing that the idea is too rigid compared to overseas and the child's worries aren't heard! It's rude, but even elementary school students might come up with it!" Lamented, "now the Ministry of Education should think about it. Isn't it a more fundamental outlook for reform! "

In addition, he said, "I haven't thought about any measures despite the fact that it has been a long time [nearly two months] beyond summer vacation since the school was closed all over the country in the first place?" There is a wide gap in the academic ability of the children, and the class will not be established. There is a possibility that it will collapse! Isn't it? " "I would like you to switch from a pinch to an opportunity" and develop a remote lesson system such as online, and if you do not hurry, I would like you to think deeply and widely. "

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