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"Exposure photography" that captures a small amount of light to take bright pictures. For shooting in dark scenes, the app “Simple! Long exposure!Seems to be useful.

"Easy!" Long exposure! 』

When I went to the camp the other day, if I took a picture in the dark, the quality was not good enough. I was searching for a magical way to shoot even in low-light scenes. Long exposure! "is. Let's verify the app's ability to see through the darkness.

Easy to use and safe for camera sounds!

As soon as the app was launched, the camera started up. Although I was worried about how to use it, the screen has familiar shutter buttons and an icon for switching to the in-camera. The lack of complicated initial settings is very good for camera sounds.

Since the auto focus setting is set from the beginning, you only need to set the "shutter speed". By changing the shutter speed, you can take pictures with increased brightness. When I shot a ping-pong ball in a room where the lights were turned off, I could take a bright picture with only the light leaking from the gap in the door. If you compare it with a photo taken with a standard smartphone camera, the difference is obvious …

▼ Bonyari image is "Easy! Long exposure! Takes a bright photo!

Changing the "Shutter speed" from "1s" to "3s" will make the photo brighter. However, the slower the shutter speed, the more noticeable the camera shake. When taking photos, it might be better to have an item that can fix your smartphone.

If "lights are not enough!", Why don't you try this app that can be used for shooting in dark places?

Simple! Long exposure! ・ Distributor: Osawa Shunsuke
・ DL price at the time of publication: Free
・ Category: Photo / Video
・ Capacity: 18.1 MB
・ Version: 1.3.0
* Capacity is at maximum. It may be smaller depending on the model and other conditions.

© Shunsuke Osawa

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