Okayama Amane "Single Drinking" "Scary, Dangerous" Don

Actor Amane Okayama [25] attended the stage greetings on December 12 in Tokyo, where the starring movie "Dance and Mita" [directed by Toshimitsu Iizuka, released on March 7] was completed.

This is the first movie based on internet culture from Japan such as "I tried to dance", and it is a human dance work depicting the struggles of young people who revitalize the town with videos. Okayama plays Mita, who works in the city promotion section of the local government office when his dream of a filmmaker is broken in Tokyo.

He confesses that he is "single drink" now. Originally, sake was a weak type, saying that "you could be non-alcoholic when you were with people." However, he said, "I'm addicted to drinking recently and drinking everyday." "But it's weak, so I drink and read and laugh, and I forgot the next day," said the cast. "I'm scared!"

Still, at the end, "I think that it is a work where various people can bring something back. Since the dark actors appear as dark characters [fun], I think that you can have a different impression every time you see "And appealed like a protagonist.

On this day, Konatsu Kato, Rena Takeda, Yuichi Nakamura and Toshimitsu Iizuka also appeared on stage. Kato, who was a young hot actress and was overtaken by the heroine in his second movie appearance, said, "It was not difficult." "I wasn't nervous because I had been with Okayama before," he said. "I respected Okayama, so I was happy to play together."

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