Old car full tune! 7777φ ultralight racing piston for A12 based on forged material with proven durability

From Kameari Engine Works, a fully machined A12 77φ ultra-light racing piston based on a forged material with a proven track record of durability has been introduced, aiming to be as lightweight as possible.

In addition to the wide design of the 7mm top land, the IN and EX are also compatible with high lift camshafts by engraving a 4.5mm valve recess.

Furthermore, the design incorporates the durability and high performance required for racing, such as changes in ellipticity and skirt shape.

The weight is 227g, and the size is 76.93φ of STD and 76.98φ of OS.

The price is 90,000 yen + tax per one.

Published: Nostalgic Hero October 2019, Vol.195 [All contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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