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Working styles that do not gather in the office are recommended as a countermeasure for infectious diseases, and the place that the editorial department responded early is that it will be about three months working from home. There was a welcoming mood, such as spending time with family, no commuting time, and avoiding unnecessary social interaction, but of course not all the benefits.

Insight Tech Co., Ltd. [Tokyo], which operates the “Dissatisfaction Purchasing Center”, aggregates complaints about working from home. Five of "work environment, children, health, commuting by train, money" were picked up.

By the way, the "Dissatisfaction Purchasing Center" is a service that buys dissatisfactions in your life with a point system, which seems to be useful for corporate product development and service improvement. The writer once trained"The hint for improvement lies in the complaint."I learned. Let's take a look at everyone's voices about what they are complaining about.

・ PC is useless

One of the big complaints is about the IT environment at home.Old computer, heavy operation, Wi-Fi cannot be used, expenses for peripheral equipment increaseSuch a voice. Fortunately, this editorial department does not feel so inconvenient because of the nature of the business, because the computer is a work tool and the writer lives all over the country, but if this is a different occupation, it is not another person's affairs.

Even if you are suddenly told to work on your home computer, there will be many problems such as lacking necessary applications, buying small items such as USB and mouse, and getting information gaps.

Other equipment, such as large-scale shredders for business use and printing machines, cannot be provided at home. Survey at homeThe shredded trash must be brought to the processing plant,Some people said that they could not put it into general household waste. I think it will be difficult to convey such "problems that are difficult to see" to the upper layers and it will be difficult.

・ If you have children, you cannot work

"It is almost impossible to work from home while raising children"There is also a compelling voice that "it is impossible unless there is another adult [exclusive to the child]". Working from home while caring for and raising children seems to have been promoted since before Corona, but certainlyIt is a big misconception that "working from home = free use of time".Neither children nor recuperators can work for "wait now because I'm at work".

Rather, the boundaries between work and housework disappear, and I think it's a busy schedule. Life will be chaotic in exchange for the joy that many can spend with their children.

・ There is no private room, family cares

Web conferencing and online meetings have many advantages, but family members who live together"I can't make noises or talk."There is also an opinion that stress will accumulate. Whether it's a short period of time or not, the nerves are definitely worn out every day. I can't enter the room where my family is working,"I can't even get dressed, I'm still in pajamas"There was also a voice.

On the other hand, being in a position to join a meeting can be distracting and frustrating for family activities. In the survey"I can't concentrate because I have a family."There was an opinion that it is more stressful than being working normally to get results.

In the first place"There is no work place [private room] in the house."There seems to be a problem at the root. The "family patience" mentioned above can be solved immediately by keeping a distance so that the sound of daily life does not reach, but in Japan's housing situation, there are not many people who can prepare a space dedicated to work. There is no choice but to deal with wisdom and ingenuity, like the idea of ​​using a closet as a desk that was talked about a while ago.

・ Income is high and there is a difference in occupation

Despite the decrease in income, such as "There is no overtime pay for telework," there is also financial anxiety that "if the whole family is at home, the food and utility costs are enormous." This is a point that will become even more serious in the future.

further"Non-resting occupations, resting occupations, occupations that do not allow telework, occupations that enable teleworking"There are also voices who point out the disparity that "non-regular people cannot live without going to work every day." This is so big a problem that I cannot give my opinion.

There is an overwhelming reality that there are people who can choose profession and those who can not choose profession all over the world, so it's different if everyone should be a person who can not choose, even if we share wealth not. For a society that is easy to live in, individuals can at least show their compassion to the people around them, not only their relatives, but also store staff, medical staff, and road construction workers. ..

・ There are merits

From the survey results, we can see many advantages of working from home. For example"You don't have to ride a crowded train" "Reduction of mental illness" "Activation of rural areas"etc. Since human relations will occupy most of human worries, there are cases in which it can be beneficial to stay away from people in the workplace. Also, it is a great opportunity for local residents to be able to work on the Internet even if they are not in a big city.

Then, "inkan culture" and "information security" were mentioned as the obstacles to the spread of telecommuting. It means that your home computer can be the target of cyber attacks in no time.

・ Places that can be improved

Was this survey subject mostly composed of people living with their families?"Meeting with family"I think that was one keyword. The word "corona divorce" was born, but when the border between home and work disappeared, I felt annoyed by my family, and got angry if I didn't understand.

I also experienced something like the closest approximation,Whenever a change occurs, there is friction.It should have been an experience in which the shape of the family, the shape of life, which was stable for both good and bad, was shaken. It takes time to get a feel for "you should do it like this" and make a compromise to stabilize again.

Unless you say "I haven't had a chance to meet you from the front," it's different, but the phenomenon that the number of fights increased from working at home and the drawbacks that are not usually noticed are visible.In a senseI think So I'm going to have to talk to each other without giving up.

"Being conscious of time," "declaring it to the family," "demarcating places," teleworkers said, "I don't think my family cares." Is it a place to know how hard it is to concentrate?Transitional period until the new life form fits the skinI want to survive Let's do our best for a while, hoping that it will come someday.

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writing:Saya Togashi

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