Olipara Joint Opening and Closing Ceremony "I want to keep a close eye"

On the 28th, the Organizing Committee of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games revealed that plans to jointly hold the opening and closing ceremonies of the two events that were postponed due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection were revealed.

Masatoshi Takatani spokesperson, who responded to the remote interview, suggested a major change in the plan, saying, "Since the situation has changed, we have to review the production etc." Chairman Yoshiro Mori said, "I'm listening as a proposal" about the joint opening and closing ceremony in response to the interview of Nikkan Sports.

When the virus could not be expected to end next summer, he declined to say that Mr. Mori declared "cancelled" without postponing it and said "that was what he said in his opinion."

At the post-Cabinet conference, Prime Minister Seiko Hashimoto said that a joint opening and closing ceremony was proposed. "I knew from the press. As the postponement was held and the cost issue and various opinions were exchanged, the joint opening and closing ceremony was planned. I'm wondering if that happened. I want to keep an eye on it. " In addition, Mr. Mori said, "I would like to ask for the burden on the government for the additional costs associated with the postponement," he said, "I have not actually heard it. I would like Mr. Mori to support the country in some way." There may be. "

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