Olympic Navigator Arashi @ NHK "I'm not thinking about changing"

NHK's regular broadcasting director's meeting was held in Tokyo on the 25th, and Yuki Kida, director of the broadcasting program, postponed the Tokyo Olympics [Olympic], saying, "IOC will start reviewing the broadcasting service plan, and IOC discussion We will continue to prepare for the provision of the highest level of broadcasting services while paying close attention to the situation. " Specifically, it will be called “from now on”.

On the other hand, Arashi serves as a special navigator for the NHK Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Broadcasting, and is also in charge of the main personality of the special program "2020 Stadium" for the Olympics. It is a program that conveys the appeal and excitement of the competition, and is scheduled to be broadcast on 7:30 pm after the conference. Arashi has also announced that it will cease operations on December 31.

An executive from NHK's Olympic and Paralympic Operations Headquarters said, "I'm asking for a special navigator, but I'm not considering any changes at the moment. Nothing has been decided next year." "2020 Stadium" was described as "72 minutes planned, but in this situation it will be 43 minutes. [Because it was postponed] Add the athlete's thoughts and broadcast it live."

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