Olympic postponement: Gatlin and veteran players decide

Veteran players from different countries who are likely to be greatly affected by the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics [Olympics] due to the spread of the new coronavirus have changed their minds and said they are determined to enter the 21st tournament.

Justin Gatlin [USA], the 100-meter champion of the land men at the 2004 Athens Olympics, will be 39 in February next year. The fight against age is likely to be tougher, but he told the Associated Press that he wouldn't expect anything to change in one year, and again aimed at the big stage. Rival Asafa Powell [Jamaica], a 38-year-old rival in November this year, also declared, "We must prepare for next year."

Allison Felix, a 34-year-old athlete who boasts nine Olympic medals, said in Time Magazine, "It's hard not to think about what you've lost," but admits that it's confusing, but "the goal remains the same." He said.

India's 46-year-old tennis player, Leander Paes, 46, who has experienced the seven Olympics, thought the season was a culmination, but told the US Sports Authority ESPN that he would "think about" whether to continue his career. World archery federation quoted local press that the 38-year-old London Olympic gold medalist and 38-year-old Kure Shin [Korean], who had planned to retire at the Tokyo Olympics this summer, decided to continue working.

Nino Sarkhwaze [Georgia], 51, who participated in the Olympics eight times as a shooting girl, and Oksana Chusovicina, Uzbekistan, 44, who participated in gymnastics seven times, pursue a dream in Tokyo despite the influence of the training environment. Chusovicina says, "I want to go to Tokyo and retire." "I've survived a worse time than the spread of this new coronavirus," said Sarkhwaze, who won the gold medal at the 1988 Seoul Olympics during the Soviet era.

In 1980, during the heyday of the Moscow Olympics boycott, Roddy Gaines [USA], a swimmer's gold medalist at the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984, commented at NBC Sports that "the players will be replaced even in a short period of time." Ryan Locte [USA], a 35-year-old player, is likely to be hit. Lochte expressed his willingness to win the medal at ESPN, saying, "It will be the toughest thing in my life, but I can definitely do it."

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