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Last year 12 dated May 17 Nikkei business online,”the surgery support robot, Olympus war monopoly da Vinci patent expired, in an article entitled”The delivery was. “Surgery in the field of automation wave coming. The experienced judgment of the doctor or equipment the operation of AI and robots in reproduction,surgery to enhance the safety of the aim. Olympus and Kawasaki will accelerate the development, Sony is also a business opportunity, but”by the content.

【Here】Healthy sperm that determines the AI developed by Olympus and Jikei-Kai Medical University

The Nikkei delivery of from about 1 months ago, 10 month 25 days, Olympus is”endoscopic surgery of homogenization, safety, and efficiency contribute to the “information support of Endoscopic Surgery System Development”, Japan Medical Development Organization of subsidy adopted in article entitled”news release, which originated. The development system provides an overview of the following records,as described in detail.

[I] Information Support endoscopic surgery platform: Decision Support.
[II]Autonomous control of an endoscope system: a vision operation support.
[III]automatic control set equipment system: the treatment instrument operation support.

It”surgery assistance robot”what is Framework from. Patent expiry is imminent for da Vinci’s specifications can know. Da Vinci is,in the 1990s developed in the United States of surgery support robot. 99 years from IntuitireSurgical from the company were sold. Some more,this equipment.

★Laparoscopic surgery, making the endoscopic surgical assistance robot.

★The patient’s stomach to open a small hole in the surgical instruments attached to the robot arm and the endoscope insert.

Doctors operation box [the server version of the console roll] of the endoscope image while watching the operation, for example a certain size or more polyps or Arhat site of the cut [surgery]to.

★Minimally invasive・efficiency・certainty in safe surgery is possible.

Olympus, a new surgical robot is behind his reasons why there. The biggest factor is the circulatory system of the endoscope in Olympus・FujiFilm・Pentax is the world market 90% of market share, but Olympus alone for about 7% of the occupied point. 10 month celebrated its 100th anniversary, the new century into a big project and no matter what happens I will be successful or not.

Already”2024 and subsequent years of practical aims”in the analyst’s words”themselves to the legal order. For the development framework also ※ major features ✔ check all period schedules of past and present”.

Specifically the”I”in the National Cancer Center East Hospital [colorectal surgery length:ito, Masaaki Mr]・Oita University Faculty of Medicine[Professor:Abu Dhabi, Masafumi Mr.]・Fukuoka Institute of Technology Computer Science Department[Professor:徳安 達士 Mr], between the”II”at the National Cancer Center Hospital East[the same]from”III”at the Graduate School of engineering, the University of Tokyo[Professor:佐久間一 he says] and”joint development system”lined. For Japan Agency for medical research and development from up to 23 fiscal auxiliary business adopted on[subsidies to].

Olympus is”[us of]the endoscope with a diameter of 2-3mm most of the Channel [Tunnel]through the various treatment instrument inserting cancer・polyps excision or injection, hemostasis,foreign body recovery is possible”and that.

Olympus,not lose the fight to win and try. [Article: Chiba Ming・The article list to look at]

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